Reflect on Sacred Scripture, prepare yourself to attend Holy Mass.
The Readings in the Liturgical Calendar are presented below.
2016  November 27 Sun    First Sunday of Advent 
                              Is 2,1-5; Rm 13,11-14; Mt 24,37-44
[Blessing of the Advent wreath.]                     
[Readings from Sacred Scripture on Sundays: cycle year A.
 During Advent the Gloria is not prayed or sung. The Alleluia
 is prayed or sung before the Gospel; The creed is professed.]
2016  December
 4     Sun    2nd Sunday of Advent (cycle year A)
                  Is 11,1-10; Rm 15,4-9; Mt 3,1-12
11    Sun    3rd Sunday of Advent
                  Is 35,1-6.10; Jm 5,7-10; Mt 11,2-11
18    Sun    4th Sunday of Advent
                  Is 7,10-14; Rm 1,1-7; Mt 1,18-24
24    Sat     Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ
                   9.30 pm. at the Kreuzkirche. Community Singing of
                           Christmas Carols, led by Mr. Graham Parsons
                  10.00 pm. Christmas Holy Mass [Weihnachten]
                  Is 9,1-7; Tt 2,11-14; Lk 2,1-14
25    Sun    2.00 pm. at St. Benedict’s Church - Christmas Day
                  Is 52,7-10; Heb 1,1-6; Jn 1,1-18
31    Sat     6.00 to 7 pm. Holy Hour at the Kreuzkirche
                  Thanksgiving Service, Adoration and Benediction.
2017  January
 1    Sun    Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. - at St. Ruperts's Parish Hall
                 Nb 6,22-27; Ga 4,4-7; Lk 2,16-21
                 Only one Holy Mass for the Mission together, at 2.00pm, in English, 
                 with Msgr. A. Hoffmann, Director of the Missions, to thank Kurat Moses
                 for his services and to welcome his successor. Kurat Moses is the main
                 celebrant. Organization, Lectors and Choir of St. Rupert's Mass Center.

  8   Sun    The Baptism of the Lord
                 Is 42,1-4.6-7; Acts 10,34-38; Mt 3,13-17
15   Sun    2nd Sunday of the year (in ordinary time - year A)
                 Is 49,3.5-6; 1Co 1,1-3; Jn 1,29-34
                 [Feast of St. Arnold Janssen, SVD.
                 founder of 3 religious Congregations.]
22   Sun    3rd Sunday of the year (year A)
                 Is 8,23-9.3; 1Co 1,10-13.17; Mt 4,12-23
29   Sun    4th Sunday of the year (year A)
                 Zp 2,3.3,12-13; 1Co 1,26-31; Mt 5,1-12
2017  February
 5    Sun    5th Sunday of the year
                 Is 58,7-10; 1Co 2,1-5; Mt 5,13-16
12   Sun    6th Sunday of the year
                 Si 15,15-20; 1Co 2,6-10; Mt 5,17-37
19   Sun    7th Sunday of the year
                 Lv 19,1-2.17-18; 1Co 3,16-23; Mt 5,38-48
26   Sun    8th Sunday of the year
                 Is 49,14-15; 1Co 4,1-5; Mt 6,24-34
2017  March
1        6.00 pm at the Kreuzkirche Ash Wednesday [Aschermittwoch]
          Day of Fast and Abstinence; Liturgy and Anointing with ashes.
          Jl 2,12-18; 2Co 5,20-6.2; Mt 6.1-6.16-18
          [During the period of Lent, the Gloria and Alleluia
           is not prayed or sung. The Creed is professed.]
5     Sun    1st Sunday of Lent (year A)
                 Gn 2,7-9.3,1-7; Rm 5,12-19; Mt 4,1-11
12   Sun    2nd Sunday of Lent (year A)
                 Gn 12,1-4; 2Tm 1,8-10; Mt 17,1-9
19   Sun    3rd Sunday of Lent (year A)
                 Ex 17,3-7; Rm 5,1-2.5-8; Jn 4,5-42
                 Presentation of adults to be baptized.
26   Sun    4th Sunday of Lent (year A)
                 1S 16,1.6-7.10-13; Ep 5,8-14; Jn 9,1-41

Upcoming Liturgical Celebrations
  9 April    Holy Week – Palm Sunday.
12 April    Chrism Mass in the Cathedral München, 5.00 pm.
13 April    Maundy Thursday, Washing of the feet, Liturgy at KK.
14 April    Good Friday  -Day of fast and abstinence
                10.00 am. Way of the Cross (Kreuzweg der Bevölkerung)
                 3.00 pm. Liturgy at Kreuzkirche.
15 April    Sat  Easter Vigil Liturgy at Kreuzkirche, 9.00 pm.
16 April    Easter Sunday.