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Brief von Schwester Cecilia Mukazi aus Mutare, Zimbabwe

Details zur St. Joseph's Spital, zur Arbeit in der Klinik, und zum Spendenzweck:

St. Joseph's hospital has been a Tuberculosis hospital for the past 50 years, taking care of all the TB patients in the Mutare district. The hospital had 120 beds. From mid 2010 the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare changed its policy towards TB treatment. Many people who are TB positive and not very ill have to be treated at home; only those who are very ill are to be admitted in the hospital.

This meant that our hospital had to be changed from being a TB hospital to a general hospital where we now take care of patients with different conditions. We started having a very busy HIV/AIDS units, one for adults and the other one for children. In the adult unit we see over a thousand people evry month who are HIV positive, these are on antiretroviral drugs (ARVS) and about 1500 patients who are on cotrimoxazole. We give health education every morning to the patients before treatment, and we encourage them to be tested for HIV and for them to bring their partners. Most of them do bring their partners and together they are put on ARVS.

We have other busy outpatient departments for adults and children that treat up to 1200 patients per month. These come due to different illness and they get different treatment. The Maternal Child Care Unit takes care of mothers and babies under five years; these also come by the hundreds. Children who are sexually abused are taken care of at this hospital. The ten clinics surrounding us refer these children to our hospital. It is the same with the children who are underweight - they are referred here from other clinics for admission.

As the hospital was initially built for only TB patients, now it is proving to be too small for a general hospital. We are using every available space we can think of. Some of our important hospital equipment is in a ward which would be needed for patients, the verandah, and some outside. The government was so kind to give us money to buy hospital equipment. But they could not build us a storeroom. So our plea to you is for funds to build a storeroom. We have looked for a quotation and its US$ 35 000,00 needed to build a double- spacious storeroom, big enough to put all our necessary hospital equipment. We found a builder we are trying to find donors for the necessary funds. We would be very grateful for any contribution towards this improvement of our hospital facilities which helps us in turn to keep things in working order and to give patients quality care.

Sr. Cecilia Mukazi