Holy Mass is celebrated in English on Sundays
10.15 hrs.
at the crypt in St. Boniface’s Church,
Karl Strasse 34, 80333 München.
Priest: Kurat James Fehrenbach OFM.  [Tel. 089- 39 90 81.]
Choir: Mam Sonia Tolopia and team.
14.00 hrs.
at St. Benedict’s Parish Church,
Schrenk Strasse 1,  80339 München
Priest: Cletus Colaço SVD.  [Tel. 0151 1101 3610.]
2nd Sunday - Mam Maria Schmid and team.
3rd and 4th  Sunday - Mam Francia Lagman and team.
14.00 hrs.
at the parish hall of St. Rupert’s Church,
Gollierstr. 61, 80331 München, until 28.05.2017
thereafter from 04.06.2017
at the Maria Heimsuchung Church, Ridlerstr. 90. 80339 München.
Priest: Kurat Obielu [Tel 08137- 996 9552;  0151 2168 3386.]
Priest responsible for the Igbo-Nigerianern.
[Holy Mass will be alternatively celebrated in English-Igbo
and Igbo-Igbo languages on every Sunday, with appropriate
hymns, a choir, and readings.]
Choir: Mr. Emmanuel Frank Okonkwo and team.
18.00 hrs.
at the Church Allerheiligen am Kreuz Kirche,
Kreuz Strasse 10, Sendlinger Tor.
Priest: Cletus Colaço SVD. [Tel. 0151 1101 3610.]
Choir: Mr. Graham Parsons and team.
The Prayer of the Faithful at all Masses
is reserved for our YOUTH.
The Sacrament of Penance – Confession:
One hour before service begins
at the St. Benedict’s Church (13.00 – 14.00 hours),
at the Kreuzkirche (17.00 – 18.00 hours)
and by appointment.