Holy Mass is celebrated in English on Sundays
10.15 hrs.
at the crypt in St. Boniface’s Church,
Karl Strasse 34, 80333 München.
Priest: Kurat James Fehrenbach OFM.  [Tel. 089- 39 90 81.]
Choir: Mam Sonia Tolopia and team.
14.00 hrs.
at St. Benedict’s Parish Church,
Schrenk Strasse 1,  80339 München
Priest: Cletus Colaço SVD.  [Tel. 0151 1101 3610.]
2nd Sunday - Mam Maria Schmid and team.
3rd and 4th  Sunday - Mam Francia Lagman and team.
14.00 hrs.
at the parish hall of St. Rupert’s Church,
Gollierstr. 61, 80331 München, until further notice. 

Priest: Kurat Obielu [Tel 08137- 996 9552;  0151 2168 3386.]
Priest responsible for the Igbo-Nigerianern.
[Holy Mass will be alternatively celebrated in English-Igbo
and Igbo-Igbo languages on every Sunday, with appropriate
hymns, a choir, and readings.]
Choir: Mr. Emmanuel Frank Okonkwo and Team.
18.00 hrs.
at the Church Allerheiligen am Kreuz Kirche,
Kreuz Strasse 10, Sendlinger Tor.
Priest: Cletus Colaço SVD. [Tel. 0151 1101 3610.]
Choir: Mr. Graham Parsons and team.
The Prayer of the Faithful at all Masses
is reserved for our YOUTH.
The Sacrament of Penance – Confession:
One hour before service begins
at the St. Benedict’s Church (13.00 – 14.00 hours),
at the Kreuzkirche (17.00 – 18.00 hours)
and by appointment.